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Poems about loss of a baby

There are poems for stillborn baby girls and poems about death of a baby boy. Sympathy condolences messages for the family on the loss of a child. Funeral poems for baby to comfort and support the familiy in their grief. Words of encouragement and hope!


it's almost unbearable
when so much hope
turns in deep sorrow
wishing you much strength
- condolence messages loss of baby -

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our tears of sorrow
fill an empty baby place
now you follow your own path
away yet close to our hearts
- funeral verses loss of unborn baby -

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the hardest form of love
is saying farewell
to someone you love
losing baby John
shows us the importance
of family and close friends

- phrases death baby boy -

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so beautiful, so light, such a miracle
born as our perfect baby girl
now we'll have to life without you
it seems impossible for us to accept
your baby smile is always with us
gives us support and deep comfort
- short sympathy death baby girl -

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questions remain unanswered
whenever we think we can't go on
your ray of light shines on us
giving strength and courage
comfort like a warm blanket
at a lonely bus stop
- religious poems death of a baby -

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words of comfort
a warm glow
of compassion
to let you know and feel
I think of you
in this time of grief
- short sympathy condolence death child -

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sweet little baby girl
the biggest wish of your parents
you brought hope and desire
but fate replaced their dreams
with sadness and despair
may these words of comfort
help them through this time of pain
- sympathy condolence messages death child -

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friendship prayers death baby boy EFT TAPING FOR GRIEF grieving prayers death baby girl


your life of one day
will last a lifetime
living further on in me
sometimes in tears of sorrow
sometimes in deep gratitude
for that one day with you
- funeral verses loss of newborn baby -

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Quotes for loss of a baby

The loss of a newborn baby is very hard for the parents, borthers, sisters and the family. We hope these poems about the death of a baby can help to express your feelings of sadness.

There are some poems about death of a baby boy and a few baby girl death poems. Most of the condolences messages don't distinguish between death of a baby boy poems or baby girl death poems

It is difficult to know what to write in a poem for losing a child or specially the loss of a baby. Try to think what is importent for the parents, which words of comfort can help them in this time of grief.

Grief for the death of a baby is a very tough process. If family or close friends can send a mourning card with a personal poem support. This will mean at lot for the parents and their family.

Here you will find condolences messages for funeral cards for deceased child or death baby. Bereavement poems that bring comfort. Grief sayings that show how great the pain is and the incomprehension.

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