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Mother day poem to daughter

The day your daughter becomes mother is a special day for you and your daughter. It is the day you become grandmother. You can help your daughter with all your knowledge. Enjoy our mothers day poems from mother to daughter.


as you were a child
I walked before you
to lead by example
as you were a teenager
I walked behind you
being there when you needed me
as an adult I walk beside you
so we can enjoy life together
as two close friends
happy mother's day, your mom


I've neither pearls or diamonds
that would match the sparkle
in your kind and loving eyes
but Iíll give my most precious gift
my devotion, love and care
happy mothers day
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a true mother makes
leaning unnecessary
your lifelong friend and mom
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Poems to daughter from mother

When a daughter becomes a mother it is a special occasion for mom to receive wishes and greetings on mother's day, but also to send lovely and funny mother's day poems to daughter.

Daughters and mothers bond in a special way. They have a friendship relation beyond comparison with other friendship relations. These mothers day poems mom to daughter go about how proud their are and expressing how fine their daughter is embracing her motherhood.

You can also look for our first time mothers day poems. These are lovely wishes and greetings when a mother wants to send a poem to her daughter on mothersday.

When you want to sms your message, than you can choose a short mothers day poems mother to daughter. If you prefer to send a greeting card, than go for one of our funny mothers day sayings mom to daughter.

I'm afraid we'll have to disapoint you when you're looking for mothers day poems daughter in Spanish, because we only write poems in Dutch, French and English. All though you never known because I think Spanish is a lovely language.

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