Short christmas poems for children when you want to add a message to their presents. We have special short kids christmas poems, because children like to have an extra note with their Xmas gift. There are some funny messages, but also inspirational wishes or christian religious prayers. There are rhymes and non rhyming christmas poems.

Short christmas messages can be used for text sms, email or as extra message on greetings cards. We have written some short christmas greetingswith general words. So you can send them to all your love ones: kids, friends, colleagues, teachers, boyfriend or girlfriend, neighbors, ...

Friends and family are the most important thing in our lives. Our short christmas poems give you the opportunity to send short poems of christmas to all your love ones. There christmas haiku poems or very small. So they take little time to write down on all your Xmas greetings cards.

Short christmas verses to send you christmas and new year wishes to friends and family. Don't forget anyone. You don't need at lot of time with these short poems for christmas to surprise all your love ones with a personalized Xmas message.

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when a big man
puts you in a sack don't worry
I want you for christmas

short christmas poems for kids SHORT POEMS FOR CHRISTMAS short christmas rhymes


keep the christmas spirit
alive the whole year through
so dreams will come true

thank you wishes christmas for boyfriend SHORT CHRISTMAS THANK YOU SAYINGS short non rhyming christmas poems


the joys of Christmas
good health in the coming year
my holidays wish

short christmas stories for kids CHRISTMAS SHORT WISHES short christmas story for children


in your heart and soul
christmas leaves its rich blessings
treasures for next year

short thanks christmas sayings to parents SHORT CHRISTMAS VERSES FOR KIDS short friendship christmas messages
funny short christmas poem christmas short message short christmas verses short christmas inspirational stories short funny christmas poems short christmas message friends