Romantic christmas wishes are special greetings for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or lovers in general. These sayings express the special bond that exists between two people who love each other.

Xmas gives you opportunities to tell your darling how great he or she is, turning Christmas into something extraordinary. Let your feelings run free when you want to write your own romantic christmas poem.

It is a great idea to send romantic christmas poems in the xmas period. Christmas is also a time of true love and friendship. Write romantic poems for christmas on greeting cards and send them to friends and loved ones.

Romantic christmas love poems are an original way to show your love and feelings during the holiday season. You can use our sayings and change them into your own words making the poem more personal.

Christmas is a great moment to tell friends and family what they mean to you. Don't miss this opportunity to pass your love and friendship feelings to important peope in your life.

Christmas romantic love poems because Xmas is a time where people celebrate being together among their loved ones, forgetting their worries. Couples celebrate successive Christmases with a romantic dinner.

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the light in your soul
brings harmony in my heart
our love comes alive
flourishing moments of joy
my tender christmas wishes

romantic greetings xmas SHORT ROMANTIC CHRISTMAS SAYINGS funny christmas love poems boyfriend


on christmas surely
I’ll wrap my arms around you
holding you near
begging you to stay with me
although my heart
follows you everywhere

best romantic greetings xmas ROMANTIC WISHES FOR CHRISTMAS short love christmas poems


your charming smile
unlocks the door of my heart
your gentle touch
opens the window of my soul
filling me with christmas bliss
making distance disappear

romantic love wishes xmas family SHORT ROMANTIC SAYINGS FOR CHRISTMAS christmas romantic poems friends


christmas romance is
looking at the Xmas tree
realizing the greatest gift
is lying next to me
love you me sweetheart

romantic christmas greetings for her CHRISTMAS LOVE GREETINGS romantic christmas greeting message


christmas is the time to
touch every heart
with love and care
since I met you
it feels like celebrating
christmas all year long

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