Happy New Year wishes are the most famous greetings at the beginning ot a new year. The search for happiness connects people. We all try to create a happier life for our family and friends. What I find so wonderful is the simplicity of true happiness. Once you"ve discovered the magic of giving, you'll have unraveled the secret of happiness.

Happy New Year greetings can be funny, they may have a romantic touch or have a religious message. You can send them to family, friends or colleagues (don't forget your boss!). Even try to send them enemies! if it is too hard to really send them, send them imaginary. It will reward your heart with a feeling of intense happiness.

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may this new year
renew all your happiness
may the spirit of joy
keep glowing in your heart
I wish you a Happy New Year

happy new years business messages HAPPY NEW YEAR WISH BEST FRIEND best happy new years greetings


for a special couple
our best happy new year wish
for the happiness in your hearts
living happy together

best happy new year wishes colleagues MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR POEMS prosperous new year greetings


cherish each moment
give the new year a warm welcome
hopes and aspirations
let's celebrate a blissful start
best Happy New Year wishes

prosperous business new year greetings HAPPY NEW YEARS WISHES happy new year poems children


a glorious coming year
that rewards all your endeavors
a heartfelt, prosperous
promising and fulfilling future
wishing you the happiest new year

happy chinese new year quotes kids HAPP NEW YEARS WISHES AND GREETINGS happy xmas and new year wishes


knowing you
gave me a happy year
I even expect for us
a happier year to come
but the happiest day
will always be tomorrow
longing to be with you
have a Happy New Year my dear

happiest chinese new year words HAPPIEST NEW YEAR MESSAGES romantic happy new year wishes


real happiness is
a mathematical contradiction
the more you give
the bigger it gets
so I'll send you
my warmest sincere
Happy New Year wish

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