Funny greetings for christmas are the favourite Xmas wishes for kids. You can look for humorous cards or cartoons with humor to find the inspiration you need. There are also jokes that you can use to make your own silly wishes.

Funny christmas sayings for kids. More and more people try to write their own christmas poems to add on their greeting cards. Their Xmas gifts and Santa Claus belong to the tradition of Christmas, but you can add a personnal touch with a poem.

Funny merry christmas card greetings kids. Make Christmas a memorable moment by sending silly Xmas greetings or sms humorous jokes to your familiy and friends. Here you'll find new and original humorous Christmas greetings. Laugh each day and try to make others smile is also a mission of Jesus Christ.

If you're not looking for funny Christmas wishes, don't panic. We have plenty other greetings with a inspirational, religious or friendship message instead of humorous sayings.

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love, peace and joy
my t(h)ree christmas wishes for you
and your family
to light up your christmas tree
bringing the true christmas light

silly Xmas greeting messages FUNNY CHRISTMAS WISHES FRIENDS funny homemade Xmas cards


Santa is funny
he brings presents at Xmas
there's a little catch
you have to sing a Christmas song
before you may open your gifts

silly wishes Xmas for kids SILLY XMAS SMS MESSAGES funny Xmas cards for friends


when Santa Claus starts
looking younger than you do
new glasses will not do the trick
then there's no doubt about it
accept that you're getting old

cute Xmas sayings for kids SHORT CHRISTMAS FUNNY SAYINGS funny short christmas sms messages


my special Xmas gift
it's rare and high in demand
it's quite expensive
I'm sure you will adore it
a year's supply of my charm

cute Xmas sayings for family HUMOROUS CHRISTMAS GREETINGS funny short christmas messages friends


this year I'll surprise you
with an unique present
it's Gigantic, Impressive
Fantastic and Triumphantly
my Christmas selfie smile

hilarious christmas sayings FUNNY CHRISTMAS GREETINGS witty christmas greetings


I've succeeded
in avoiding a real disaster
I've run out of Xmas balls
but I was lucky this year
I had enough Christmas bills
to decorate the Xmas tree
lovely season greetings

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