Christmas sms messages to send to friends, colleagues and family in the Xmas season. 140 characters of love and the real friendship.

Christmas sms text greetings kids with special sms wishes children can send to their friends at school.

The love, peace, friendschip and togetherness of christmas makes it a special. Xmas stands for spreading the warmth and joy of our hearts into the lives of family and friends. Let our Xmas sms messages help you to show how much you cherish the love of your friends.

Read our short christmas sms wishes and change them with your own inspiration. You can also use them on twitter or facebook. All the poems on this page are less than 140 character sms christmas wishes. All our 140 characters sms wishes our free to use for your Xmas sayings.

In the season of christmas people will exchanges xmas gifts and christmas sayings and poems on cards or ecards.

Many like to send christmas SMS messages to friends or family. Christmas sms text greetings or 140 character wishes for xmas.

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may everyone respect you
trouble neglect you
your guides protect you
people accept you
merry christmas and happy holidays

short Xmas sms messages SMS MESSAGES FOR CHRISTMAS Xmas 140 character sms text


forgiveness to your enemy
tolerance to an opponent
your love to a friend
respect to yourself
my christmas gift suggestions

funny sms wishes Xmas kids SHORT CHRISTMAS SMS MESSAGES short sms text christmas greetings friends


may your days be filled
with warmth and cheers of christmas
throughout the next year
wish you Xmas blessings of
love, peace and friendship

miss you christmas sms sayings LOVE YOU SMS CHRISTMAS WISHES short sms christmas messages friends


lets welcome christmas
with fresh and new thoughts of hope
lets cherish each moment
as a blessing of inspiration
merry Xmas my friend

love you sms christmas sayings children CHRISTMAS SMS POEMS KIDS short christmas sms messages children
christmas christmas christmas christmas