Keep the christmas feeling in the hearts of mom and dad all year long with a touching poem that can be read over and over again? Choose one of our sweet christmas poems children to parents.

Christmas time is perfect to send warm Xmas poems to your family and friends. Children show their parents how much they care for them. Enjoy our huge collection of nice christmas poems for parents from kids.

Parents (mon and dad), aunts, sisters, brothers, friends, ... everyone who plays an important part in your life, like to know how much you appreciate them. Surprise them with one of our christmas poems from kids.

You're used to get christmas greetings cards from friends and family, but when you get your first chrismas poem from children to parents, than you're really moved. So kids surprise you mom and dad with a lovely poem. Your mother and father will be pleased.

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merry christmas wish
to the sweetest boy / girl
on this whole planet
your smile brings us daily joy
holds us warm when you're not around


mothers have a way
to understand unsaid things
words we lack to say
so on christmas day for you
my wishes and deep affection

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you guided me through
my stormy days with
love and patience
I'm thankful for that
I'll tell you now on christmas eve
there's no doubt I have the best dad

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special christmas wish
filled with warmth and heartfelt thanks
comes to you with love
merry christmas mom and dad
you both mean more to me each day

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